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Intelligent mathematics, English
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Why launch?


Nowadays, artificial intelligence is no longer a new word. Whether in manufacturing, service, retail or medical treatment, it has gradually penetrated into all aspects of life.

The age of artificial intelligence has come, but a large number of children are still in the "original stage", struggling silently. With traditional paper-based methods and sea of questions tactics, they go to endless cram schools, which are full of one wrong problem set after another, but the effect is very slow, and they don't know when to do it.

Parents are anxious and push their children desperately. They feel heartache for their children and dare not let them relax easily.

With a professional and critical vision, the team of new east west learning center basically compares all the mainstream learning systems on the market, and visits the creative teams of each system. After repeated discussion and selection, Silicon Valley K-12 intelligent education system is grandly launched as a gift from new East West Learning Center to parents and children in Vegas.





What are the advantages?


Compared with other learning systems, Silicon Valley K-12 intelligent education system has no more worksheets and manual grading. Under the guidance of teachers in the learning center, we can get faster, better and unprecedented results through our intelligent computer program. There is no longer old-fashioned classroom teaching, adaptive and personalized learning and supervision. Our intelligent computer programs can get results and achievements faster and better.

(Common Core State Standards)。Standardization of advantages Directly linked to school requirements. The content follows the Common Core State Standards that are most widely used in American primary and secondary schools.


Intelligence and efficiency of advantages

Make full use of intelligent teaching, accurately grasp the scores and weaknesses of students' grades, accurately write questions, timely feedback the answers submitted by students, and timely correct the errors. The system automatically finds out students' weaknesses, intelligently guides students to practice until they master all knowledge points, and quickly improves students' level to achieve excellent results. Efficient help students to lay a solid foundation. Through the test to determine each student's starting point, the system intelligently helps students to review and consolidate what they have learned in the past, fill in the loopholes, and lay a solid foundation.

Advantages for students to learn by themselves Generally, students can complete the learning of each knowledge point by self-study. The content of each grade is decomposed into small knowledge points, and each knowledge point is interpreted by computer. For a student who has laid a good foundation, he can often learn a new knowledge quickly. Most students finish one grade in 2-4 months.




Targeted tutoring for teachers with advantages Through systematic tracking and observation, teachers can understand students' learning conditions, and provide targeted individual guidance for each student's problems in the learning proces

Superior results The grade achieved the specified goal (usually a or a +). The method and process of Silicon Valley intelligent learning system has been patented by the United States. In mathematics, for example, students usually only need 1 to 4 months to complete a grade. After joining our course, many students have not only laid a solid foundation, but also surpassed what they have learned in ordinary schools six months later. Children with good foundation or even ahead of schedule will have many advantages and opportunities, such as low pressure, high self-confidence, more willing to answer teachers' questions, and more willing to participate in classroom interaction. Most junior high schools begin to divide into fast and slow classes. If you want to take AP calculus in Grade 11 to enter the ideal university, you'd better enter the fast math class in junior high school. When mathematics becomes a child's strong point, it also provides guarantee for many other subjects, so that students have more opportunities and time to engage in other interesting activities, tap and develop potential in all aspects.




How to supervise learning by parents with advantages.By downloading mobile apps, you can learn about your child's real-time progress.





What is this system?


The "African academy" Silicon Valley AI intelligent education was established in Silicon Valley in 2014. It brings together American education and Internet experts, and adopts big data and artificial intelligence technology. Through computer evaluation and progress tracking, it can not only customize personalized and intelligent learning programs for children's learning content, but also guide children's courses and master them skillfully Every knowledge point, help children to fill in loopholes, learn every grade well. Its unique intelligent technology was patented in the United States in 2017. It has helped thousands of students to learn mathematics and English in an efficient way. On average, it has completed one grade of primary school and junior high school with excellent grades in 2-4 months, which has been unanimously praised and recognized by parents!

The founder of the system, Dr. Fang Jiayuan, received a bachelor's degree from Tsinghua University in Beijing and a doctor's degree in electrical engineering from the University of California, Berkeley. He has been a professor for more than ten years at the State University of New York, Binghamton and the University of California, Santa Cruz, during which he has been a lifelong professor. He has won the "young researcher" award of the National Science Foundation of the United States, the outstanding technology award of the Institute of Electronic Engineers (IEEE), the annual Entrepreneur Award of the Bay Area Chinese Engineers Association of San Francisco, and the annual Entrepreneur Award of the Entrepreneurs Association of Tsinghua University. Dr. Fang is also the inventor or co inventor of seven US patents. It founded Sigrity company, which was acquired by cadence, one of the largest electronic system and chip design companies in the industry. Dr. Fang Jiayuan served as vice president of product research and development in cadence until 2014, when he founded intelligent education in Silicon Valley.

As the father of three children, Dr. Fang has always paid attention to education and nurtured children with his heart. The eldest was admitted by Berkeley successfully, and the second graduated with Yale double honors.

In the era of science and technology, there are a large number of children learning inefficiently. Many schools or training institutions are difficult to provide targeted and efficient personalized learning programs. After leaving cadence, Dr. Fang founded the affinity academy, which is rooted in K-12 mathematics and English basic education. Through high-tech means, using artificial intelligence and big data technology, it greatly improved the learning efficiency and achievements of children, helped them to fill in the gaps and make rapid progress.




New East West Learning Center great welfare

 we invite Dr. Fang of Silicon Valley K-12 intelligent education system to visit new East West in person, explain and receive consultation for parents, welcome to add new East West wechat, make an appointment for free test.

Time: November 2, 2019

9: 30-11:00 (Dr. Fang's lecture)

Test starts at 11:00

Location: (West Campus) 5825 Eldora ave, Las Vegas, NV 89146

Preparation: bring your own laptop

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