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Our Mission

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New East West Academy ensures all students receive high quality instruction in an aligned and coherent system while addressing their social and emotional needs in a safe and engaging environment.

New East West Academy was founded in 2017 by Susan Wang with the vision of providing quality afterschool tutoring and extracurricular activities for all students. Our programs include Chinese class, Math and English Tutoring, Coding/Programming, Chess, and Art. Susan was a highly regarded educator from China, who taught for more than 20 years. Later her time in the United States, lead to the position as the Principal of Berkley Chinese School and the principal/director of Omei Academy in the Bay Area of California. She strongly believes in providing a multifaceted educational facility that uses proven instructional programs that empower students to reach their full potential.


New East West Academy provides students with the opportunity to be successful in their education. We do this by ensuring that our programs/tutors/instructors provide instruction that meets students where they are at academically and ensuring that they advance in their education. 

To provide students with more educational opportunities that will help them in the future, Susan has added a new course. This new learning system was created by “Logiscool” which provides students with the opportunity to learn coding and programming. These classes are vital to students because it teaches them how to navigate the computer language that they need for their digital future. 


During school semesters, our coding courses establish a solid foundation of digital literacy and coding knowledge while improving children’s way of analytical and creative thinking. Our modules and topics successfully facilitate a more established and thorough learning experience for your children.

When school is out, the camps are in. In our standalone thematic camps, kids will have tremendous fun while learning useful knowledge. Choose from the vast variety of our offerings in today’s trendy topics.

Core Values

  • Nurturing Student Potential!

  • Engaging Student Progress!

  • Widen Student Opportunity!

  • Aspire Student Achievement!


Our Goals
Establish and maintain a strong and growing base of students who are successful at achieving their educational goals. As well as building a reputation at being the very best in every educational area that we offer. We want to expand our current base of K-12 students, to ESL adults and students from every culture and ethnicity.

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