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 New East West Learning Center Course Introduction - adult Chinese
Our courses are designed for adult students to further develop and improve their knowledge and skills, deepen their understanding of the Chinese language and culture, and confidently communicate with others in Chinese. This course includes general Chinese, business Chinese, travel Chinese, and conversational Chinese.

The main purpose of adult Chinese classes is to cultivate students' ability to use Chinese for communication. Every class has a very practical theme. Students practice and expand repeatedly to master the basic sentence patterns and vocabulary. Meanwhile, the spelling of Chinese Pinyin, tone and vocabulary runs through all the time at the beginning and end of the class. The structure and writing methods of Chinese characters are be properly introduced to spread Chinese culture. In the class, the sentence pattern, vocabulary and grammar structure of each topic are mainly explained. After class, the students are required to use the learned syntax and vocabulary expansion, such as making up dialogues or small stories to achieve the purpose of consolidation and improvement.

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