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Afficient FAQs


What are the major advantages of Afficient Math and Afficient English programs compared to those in traditional schools?

Some major advantages of Afficient Math and Afficient English include the following: personalized learning, result-based completion, highly engaging, personalized intelligent exercises, and efficient mastering of concepts.


How is your program different from other after-school programs?

Afficient programs help students to build strong foundations by systematically identifying weak areas in the lower grades and lead students to fill lower grade gaps efficiently; which is impossible to be done efficiently by manually tracking all the student's work. Afficient programs constantly analyze the data of student work and optimize the problem selection to maximize the gain of the student at the corresponding stage.

My child already advanced and gets "A's" in school, why should I enroll him/her in Afficient Programs?

Regular schools generally lack sufficient mechanisms to let high performing students excel. In addition, many schools do not offer their students sufficient basic skills training. Students who get "A's" in school are not necessarily solid in their fundamentals. At Afficient, a student starts at a point where he/she has skill gaps that need to be taken care of.

Do Afficient programs work for remedial students?

Yes, Afficient programs are designed to take students from the level they are ready at. Students can work from below their school grade levels, identified by diagnostic tests, and advance at their own pace. Afficient programs help students trailing in their learning to catch up to their peers.

How long does it take to complete a grade in your program? Can students work at an accelerated pace and move on to the next grade? 

Yes, each student proceeds at his/her own pace. A highly motivated student can devote more time and progress faster than other students. It usually takes a few days to a few weeks to complete the review of a grade lower than student's current school grade. It typically takes two to four months to complete a grade the same or higher than the student's current school grade. Through rigorous assessments, Afficient programs ensure students are highly proficient in one grade before advancing to the next. 

Is it an online program?

Afficient Math and Afficient English are online web-based programs, but students may come in during the week to complete assessments in person through our computer lab. Each week students are given individualized weekly assignments of which most of the assigned work can be done at home.

Is it a tutoring program?

Afficient Math and Afficient English are not one-to-one tutoring programs. It is a computerized personal learning program. Students learn all the concepts and methodologies through carefully designed modules. Sufficient exercises are provided to ensure students understand the concepts and be able to reliably solve the problems. Students work at their own pace, and teachers are available to help them unstuck their learning difficulties. 

Why do we need to go to your physical location? Can we just do it at home?

Yes, you can do it at home. However, our school provides opportunities for students to raise questions, and resolve difficulties encountered. It allows teachers to monitor student's learning and offer advice and suggestions on better habits and approaches.


​Are we supposed to help our child if he/she gets stuck on a problem at home? 

Students are encouraged to first solve the problem by themselves by going through the corresponding demos in the learning session of the skill. A student may need to go through a demo more than once to fully understand the concept or procedure. We believe it is important to train students self-learning capabilities. If a student is still unable to solve he problem then parents can let the student bring the problem to our teachers when they come back to our school.

After my child completes the weekly assignment, can he/she do more in the week?

Yes, the weekly assignment provides a guideline on a moderate amount of work a student is expected to complete. It usually takes about 3 hours to complete a weekly assignment. Many motivated students do more than those specified weekly assignments. There is no limit on how much a student can do in a week.

My child doesn't have time for homework. Does your program give a lot of homework?

We generally expect a student to spend about 30 minutes, on average, per day per subject on weekly assignments. The amount of work may be adjusted according to student's needs and parent's request. 

What do "Honors" and "High Honors" status represent?

"Honors" and "High Honors" are the two titles to recognize students who have successfully moved onto advanced levels with respect to their corresponding school grades. The "Honors" track is aligned with the typical Honors class of private and public schools. The "High Honors" track is generally one subject level higher than the "Honors" track; which can be found as the most advanced track in some academic-focused private and public schools.

What other skills will my child develop by taking your programs?

The abilities to self-learn and focus. The will of striking for high achievement and not giving up on difficulties. The confidence of being a good and outstanding student through their own efforts. 

What credentials do your instructors have? Are they qualified to teach my kid?

Our instructors are rigorously tested, trained and assessed by our Afficient program. The instructors shall be highly proficient in corresponding grade level materials, highly familiar with the contents and methodologies of Afficient programs, good communication skills to teach and communicate with students. 

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