1. According to the age and painting foundation, it is divided into children's painting enlightenment class (4-6 years old) and children's painting comprehensive class (7-11 years old). 

2. Using various media and methods to carry out perceptual education for children, such as real scenes, physical observation, listening to music, telling stories, appreciating paintings, etc. Learn color stroke, crayon painting, gouache painting, line drawing, etc.

3. Training purpose:
A. To cultivate children's observation ability, memory ability, imagination ability, aesthetic ability, and creative ability;

B. To help children's psychological function growth and promote the balance of left and right cerebral hemispheres;

C. Cultivate children's exploration spirit, enhance self-confidence, cultivate patience, perseverance, and the habit of doing things attentively.

4. Organize and participate in large-scale art competitions and exchange activities at home and abroad every year.

What are the benefits of learning art? 

  • Promote children's realm.

  • Improve children's temperament.

  • Exercise children's observation ability.

  • Cultivate the ability of independent thinking.

  • The most important thing in painting is to gain self-confidence.

Every child has the potential of painting and the desire for creation and expression. Psychologists have proved through many experiments that children's IQ can be improved by 30% through the knowledge and experience gained from early painting.

Painting is essential for children's healthy growth and quality training. Not many children draw well in their childhood and become art workers when they grow up. However, the success of many doctors, scientists, architects, and painters is closely related to the love of painting in childhood.

Why choose New East West art class?

New East and West art class has professional art teachers, suitable for all ages of curriculum, from feeling graffiti to work creation, let happiness start from painting.