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The Class

The New East West Academy Chess Class is a comprehensive program designed for players of all skill levels. We have a class for beginners, where we start with the basics: how to set up a chessboard, how to move the pieces, and special moves such as castling and en passant. Students will learn the three opening principles, develop your pieces, control the central squares and try to get your king safe via castling. We then progress to tactical skills, such as pins, skewers, double attacks, and forks. These tactics build the foundation of their chess development. These tactical moves are important for players of all skill levels, including world champions!

Students then progress to an intermediate class, where we continue to foster the basic skills mentioned above, as well as begin working on back rank checkmates, deflection ideas, remove the defender, and interference. The class also further discusses the importance of following the opening principles by going over chess games from Grandmasters of the past.  We have exercises where you have to guess the moves of one player to try and understand the logic of great chess players from the beginning of the game to the end. We also work on endgame ideas, such as the Lucena position, Philidor position, and king and pawn endgames. Lastly, the students play games against each other to practice the concepts learned during class.

The benefits of the online chess class are quite numerous. Since chess is a visual game, where the player who can remember the most patterns and strategies is likely to win, having an online analysis board is a tremendous advantage. The online chessboard allows the teacher and students to highlight different squares, draw arrows and pull up chess puzzles at a rapid pace. Not only do the online classes allow for the visual advantages, but we simply get through a lot more chess puzzles online than we would be able to in person. This ensures the most efficient use of class time possible.

The benefits of chess have been proven to be quite substantial. Chess teaches students preparation, task management, and long-term, strategic planning. Chess is a unique game due to the competitive nature of the game as well as being a game of complete information.  That means that each player can see the same information, without any hidden elements.  The difference between winning and losing is based solely on the decisions you make during the game. While chess is a competitive endeavor, it is also a great way to make friends and form bonds. There are opportunities to meet many great people through the game of chess, and the students in the class are forming bonds as well. They have a unique way of bonding in our chess club, Chess Paradise, where the kids will simply say, “hi”, to each other and share other pleasantries around the new year and other holidays. It is an incredibly fun environment to learn chess.

We will empower our students to who attend our chess class and they will learn to perform at a high level. In addition, we are most proud of how long they have stayed enrolled in the class. We have had numerous students enrolled in the class for over a year, and we have seen tremendous improvement in their play. We have a free weekly tournament every other Saturday at 11:30 am for participants in the chess class.  

If you are looking for an instructive chess class where your child will be encouraged to reach their full potential while having fun, we hope that you will consider our chess class. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are excited to start your child on the journey towards chess mastery!

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