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We provide Chinese classes for all ages and levels!

Why learn Chinese?


The United States and China represent the two largest economies and cultures that impact the world. Chinese is the most common language in the world, while English ranks third and is spoken all over the globe. The mastery of these two languages will provide opportunities for your child's future.

Learn from the best to be the best!

What Chinese textbooks are used in the school? 

In order to meet the needs of children and their parents at different levels and environments, each child can choose the teaching materials suitable for their own learning. We compared all the traditional overseas Chinese teaching materials on the market (both domestic and local) with professional and critical eyes and visited the compilers, or teams, of various teaching materials. After discussion and selection, two sets of Chinese K-12 textbooks suitable for Chinese American families and non-Chinese American families have been selected and applied to Chinese teaching in our school.

The textbooks used by children from Chinese American families are compiled by the doctor of curriculum design of Stanford University School of education. At present, the school offers preschool classes to the sixth grade. The full set of teaching materials is not only equipped with corresponding exercise books, rich summer homework, but also set up online homework, homework content includes text reading, writing demonstration, new words, vocabulary practice, and many games. After the students finish their homework online, the "password" of the homework will appear. The students will record it in the homework book and hand it to the teacher for verification. This textbook is suitable for children from Chinese-speaking families. It is specially designed for students who can understand Mandarin (putonghua) to learn Chinese. Students who can't understand Mandarin will have difficulties.

The textbook used by non-Chinese families (or those with weak Chinese foundations) is the overseas K-12 Chinese learning course, which is developed by a team of nearly 100 linguists, Chinese teachers, and professionals after years of painstaking efforts. The whole series consists of 11 volumes. It is suitable for bilingual students with non-Chinese backgrounds. The textbook emphasizes the practicability of Chinese learning, pays attention to the communicative function of language, and adopts the teaching principle of "listening and speaking leading, reading and writing following up." Learn a complete series of courses to meet the language needs of living, studying, and working in China. Make learning Chinese simple and practical, relaxed and lively, happy, and interesting.

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