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We teach students the basic techniques of digital drawing and illustrations. The workshop's participants will develop their digital art skills and learn how to use the necessary IT tools for the job.


The workshop will center around the following themes:

  • The art history and theory of digital drawing and illustration

  • Learning digital illustration: Creating characters and various illustrations, experimenting with illustration styles and techniques

  • Animating the illustrated characters through basic programming 

  • Fostering creativity, digital skills, and algorithmic thinking

Digital Illustration Workshop

Video Production Camp

Students are able to be screenwriters, a director, an editor and post-production specialist. But most importantly, kids can tell their story the way they like it!


During the camp, kids will be able to:

  • Learn about the basics of film theory

  • Get to know the WeVideo software

  • Understand the basics of film production

  • Understand post production essentials: subtitles, effects

  • Shoot vlogs, advertisements, reports

  • Work on collaborative projects