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Junior Designer Camp 9+

In this camp, kids can try out real-life projects: they can experience how a designer's everyday life is through real assignments. During the camp, kids will learn how to use professional image editing tools, learn the basics of typography, and they will learn how to make a cool presentation.

During the camp, kids will be able to:

  • Learn the basics of image editing and content creation

  • Learn about vector design, logos, and brands

  • Learn about web design and the basics of visual design

YouTube Studios Camp 13+

During this camp,kids will learn the basics of video and audio editing, and they can try the coolest online genres! We'll also talk about internet trolls, online security, and the legal background of vlogging. By analyzing good and bad examples, we'll also find out what makes for a successful Youtube channel!

During the camp, kids will be able to:

  • Design their own channels (with their individual goal, content plan, message, communication style)

  • Take a look at the coolest topics and genres of video sharing sites. Especially those that have a purpose other than simple entertainment, such as educational videos, reviews, travel videos, podcasts, gameplay, unboxing, etc.

  • Produce valuable, useful video content in line with YouTube's principles

Video Production Camp 9+

During this camp, kids can try a lot of cool roles! They can try themselves out as a screenwriter, a director, an editor and post-production specialist. But most importantly, kids can tell their story the way they like it!

During the camp, kids will be able to:

  • Learn about the basics of film theory

  • Understand the basics of film production

  • Understand postproduction essentials: subtitles, effects

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