New East West Academy

Founded in 2018, New East West Academy is a learning center to support learning and growth.


New East West Academy introduces the patented intelligent K-12 English and maths learning system to provide students with exclusive tutoring, personalized online practice, and face-to-face tutoring. This program supports students in-school learning and prepares them for college.


New East West Academy is the first school in Las Vegas offering simplified Chinese Mandarin and Pinyin.

Added to the core classes of Math, English and Chinese, we offer professionally taught multiple styles of dance, yoga, chess, coding, art, singing, acting, pingpang, and more classes.


This campus is ideally located for most of The Las Vegas Area. During school breaks, we offer camps for summer, winter, and spring with full and partial-day programs.

Our Vision:
Our success is measured by our students’ ability to excel in their chosen focus areas of skill
development, with particular focus on Mandarin, K-12 math, and English, complemented by joyful auxiliary skills in movement and cognitive development. Our students will demonstrate high-level confidence, competence, and commitment to learning and growth.


Our Mission:
We provide the best learning systems, tools, and instructors in all of our focus areas, and complement traditional schooling both with both our programming and our accommodation of the public school schedule.


Our Values:
Professionalism in all dimensions: content, instruction, interaction.
Thorough vetting of staff and technology and commitment to a healthy physical environment ensures the safety and well-being of students and staff.
We demonstrate awareness of and sensitivity to the external educational environment,
ensuring our programs support and complement the core curriculum and required testing.


Our Goals:
Establish and maintain a strong/growing base of student success to build a reputation as the very best in every area we offer. We want to expand our current base of k-12 primarily Chinese students to include ESI adults and students from every culture and ethnicity


6438 S . Tenaya Way,

Suite 100-110 ,Las Vegas,NV 89113




Interested in teaching and tutoring Chinese, Math, English, Art, Dance, Drama, Chess, Robot, Programing, Singing? Please send resume to info@NewEastWestEdu.Com

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