K-G12 for Chinese heritage students

ON the grades,teaching forms and assignments of Chinese Courses
At present, the school offers pre-school classes to the sixth grade. The teaching forms include regular class, group class, private class, etc. the course is equipped with corresponding exercise books, summer vacation homework with rich contents, and online homework is also set. The homework content includes text reading, writing demonstration, practice of new words and vocabulary, and many games are added, which are very popular with students. After the students finish their homework on the Internet, the "password" of the homework will appear, which will be recorded in the homework book by the students and handed over to the teacher for verification.
 On the use of teaching materials
We have selected the Chinese textbook for children with Chinese foundation, which is compiled by Stanford University School of education, Ph.D. in curriculum design. The textbook includes 11 grades (grades K-9 and AP). Each grade has 3 units. It is equipped with corresponding one week and two week exercise books, summer homework books and online homework, which can be used for weekend Chinese learning. Practical experience has proved that students can have the basic ability of Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing by learning a complete set of teaching materials step by step, and can achieve excellent results in the Chinese SAT II and AP examinations of College Board in the United States, and can successfully pass the HSK level 4 and above examination held by Chinese as a foreign language Office of the Ministry of Education of China.

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