K-G12 for Chinese Heritage Students

Teaching objectives:

By learning the complete set of teaching materials step by step, students will be able to have the basic ability to listen, speaking, reading, and writing in Chinese. They will be able to achieve excellent results in the Chinese SAT II and AP examinations of the College Board in the United States. They will also be able to successfully pass the HSK5 or above Chinese proficiency test held by the national Han Affairs Office of the people's Republic of China.

 About teaching materials

The Chinese textbooks we use are suitable for children from Chinese speaking families. The teaching materials include 11 grades (K-G9 and AP) textbooks, each grade learning 3 units, with corresponding single and double week exercise books, summer exercise books and network homework.


The Chinese nation has created its own characters and also created an effective way to learn them. Our set of teaching materials closely combines traditional Chinese teaching with the research results of modern Chinese teaching.

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