Some time ago, our circle of friends was swiped by a little girl from the United States. Her name appears from time to time in the chat between friends and in the wechat group.
Yes, she is Trump's granddaughter, Arabella.


I'm not surprised by Arabella's level of Chinese. Imagine that 18 months, when she was one and a half years old, she had already begun to learn Chinese. She was almost on the same line with her mother tongue.
As far as her current Chinese is concerned, the environment around her may be English speaking environment, which does not give her too many opportunities and time to practice Chinese.
Maybe, there will be more opportunities in the future, because her two younger brothers are also learning Chinese at the same time. Imagine how the three children will communicate in Chinese and make mischief. What is the scene like when they gamble in Chinese?
I can't help laughing when I think of such a picture.

The three Arabella brothers and sisters are just a small part of a large number of Chinese students in the United States.
It is reported that China and the United States have more than 500000 international students in each other's countries, becoming the first and second largest source countries of international students in each other's countries. At present, more than 100000 American youth have studied in China and more than 10000 American scholars have come to China for visits and exchanges.
China has opened more than 100 Confucius Institutes in the United States. Hundreds of thousands of primary and secondary school students in the United States are learning Chinese. Chinese learning has become popular in the United States.
In Washington, there is such a school that parents flock to. It is the Yuying public charter school in Washington.
It's not easy to squeeze into the school, where students are mostly from middle-class families in the Washington area, with a 3% acceptance rate.
In addition to Chinese teaching, the school has also set up cultural courses related to China, such as extra-curricular interest classes in handwork, dance, Kung Fu, cooking, etc.
In order to get their children's name in the excellent Chinese school newspaper, American parents are willing to spend the whole night in tents.
It seems that American parents and Chinese parents are the same when it comes to children's education.
It's all for the sake that children will not be eliminated by the times in the future, and efforts will be made to integrate children with the international community. American children learn Chinese traditional culture, such as poetry, song and Fu, folk art and so on.


Most of the children in China study English alone, which is a big reason for the exam. Without learning more about China's real traditional culture, many children don't know enough about the Three Character Classic, disciple rules and other Chinese classics.
If, in the future, after our children go abroad, foreign students ask about all kinds of Chinese culture, we have no idea about our own country's classic culture. We don't know how to carry forward Chinese culture and how to support our unyielding pride?
The reason why China's excellent traditional culture can be inherited all the time is that they can stand the test of history, stand the scrutiny, and are worth our later generations to inherit and learn.
For example, learning "Di Zi Gui" and "San Zi Jing" can effectively help children develop their intelligence and memory. By reading classics, children's literacy ability will be improved significantly, and the literacy level will be significantly higher than that of ordinary children.

In traditional Chinese culture, we are taught more about how to behave and how to do things, and how to cultivate our children's good ideological and moral character.
"People don't know but don't sulk, are not also gentlemen?" "three people's behavior, there must be my teacher Yan." "every speech, letter first" when children read these catchy sentences, not only can read and read, but also in the subtle learning of Chinese traditional culture and the beauty and morality contained in it, and cultivate good humanistic quality, psychological quality, moral quality and life accomplishment.
"Three Character Classic", "Hundred Surnames", "thousand characters text", "Analects of Confucius", "Di Zi Gui", "Zengguang Xianwen", "Laozi", "Zhuangzi" and other classics in traditional Chinese culture, have condensed thousands of years of civilization history and traditional culture of our country, and have embodied the profound cultural essence of the Chinese nation. The writing is fluent, magnificent, catchy and rich in content. Each article contains a deep meaning and is an independent story. It also contains rich knowledge such as astronomy, geography, history, governance, self-cultivation, morality and ethics, which can be called classics.