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Programming Blox Basic

During this course, your child will learn the basics of programming while creating computer games and working on increasingly complex projects with the help of our dedicated trainers.

Kids will work on various projects using visual coding and will start building programs with colorful blocks. With the help of this introductory method, kids can learn the basics of programming in a fun and engaging manner.


After having completed the course, kids can continue their journey on the path to professional coding through increasingly challenging modules. The course is also useful for acquiring life skills besides coding, such as algorithmic and analytical thinking.

For more information about this course and student enrollment contact us here!

Course Details

  • Ages: 9 - 10

  • Grades: 4th - 5th

  • Seats: 6

  • Prerequisites: none

  • Classroom: In-person

  • Requirements: None

  • Course: 161

  • Length: 15 Lesson

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