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The realistic Concept


The team is experienced, good at exploring and innovating, flexible and effective in teaching methods, which factor in the  children's  identity and provides them with diversified choices for their future life


Cutting edge resources

Select and integrate the most cutting-edge excellent Chinese teaching materials at home and abroad, take the advantages of many families, and use them in classroom teaching practice to lead students into the new field of electronic grading reading.


The best teachers

It is a creative team with rich teaching experience, solid basic skills and enthusiasm!


The most complete offerings 

For students to choose a large number of reading materials, including fairy tales, stories, humanities, history, etc., to meet the needs of children in reading!

The most reassuring guarantee


The school classroom is comfortable, and includes Ample space for activities.Children love the Environment !Safe campus environment reassures parents! Adjacent to Chinatown and convenient for parents!


Our teaching ideas and objectives

Teaching philosophy:

New East and West educational institutions aim to integrate various resources of Chinese teaching, stimulate students' and enthusiasm for learning Chinese to let more children master the most populous language in the world, build a bridge for communication between the East and the west, and forge a bond for world peace.


Education objectives:

Cultivate students' interest in learning Chinese language and culture. Through continuous learning, let students master at least 2500 Chinese characters; have the ability of daily Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing communication; pass the level 5 test of Chinese language, and can directly study in China's famous universities; pass the AP (Advanced Placement) test of Chinese credit preparatory course of American universities; let students have more in the future Choice

Our strengths

Our courses, teams and learning styles


Our growth track


The setting of Chinese class, drawing class, chess class and math class provides a variety of choices. More parents benefit from this convenient, time-saving and efficient learning method. One stop service and all the Delete certified  excellent teachers make parents more confident in their choices.

The use of multimedia in the classroom makes teaching more intuitive, easy and efficient. As the first school in Vegas that combines multimedia physical classroom with online homework practice, the new East West Learning Center provides a one of kind learning experience the vivid and interesting online homework makes children have a strong interest in Chinese, and parents also feel that tutoring children Son has become a light thing.

        Spring class in March 2018 - five Chinese teaching classes are set up according to the age structure of students.


        Summer camp from May to August 2018 - over 40 days, nearly 50 children receive intensive training in fast literacy and self reading to improve their Chinese ability.


        August 2018 autumn class - six Chinese classes are set up according to the existing level of students


       Winter camp from November to December 2018 - 10 days for special promotion of Chinese pinyin and multiplication formula.


        Spring class in February 2019 - the school has two campuses, nine teaching classes and characteristic art classes.

        Summer camp from May to August 2019 - fast learning promotion class is set up for autumn class to let children first. Special art class, performance class and chess class taught by national champion are offered.


       August 2019 autumn class - the school officially adopted the Ma Liping Chinese learning system, and opened 18 classes for Chinese children K-12, zero basic K-12 and adult Chinese courses. Special art class, performance class and chess class taught by national champion are offered.

     November December 2019 winter camp - 10 days to experience Chinese culture, improve Chinese literacy, intelligent mathematics, English learning system officially launche

Spring class in January 2020 - the spring class of wich 16 weeks, due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, the last ten weeks of the course has been changed to online classes, children in a special period, did not interrupt Chinese learning.

Summer camp from May to August 2020 - online learning five days a week enables children to improve faster, and the physical summer camp is officially opened in mid July.




Our development

In the past two years, New East West have developed from only 20 students at the beginning to two campuses of Corner Stone and Henderson. There are more than 100 students in school. We are growing and we are improving.

The school has always been "integrating various resources of Chinese teaching, stimulating students' enthusiasm for learning Chinese, enabling more children to master the most populous language in the world, building a bridge for communication and exchange between the East and the west, and building a bond for world peace." For the purpose of teaching.

In order to take on this task, the new East West Learning Center has always adhered to the teaching tenet of "teaching for fun" and the pattern of small class system, has always attached great importance to teaching quality, adhered to standardized management, and constantly explored the essence of overseas Chinese teaching. It has achieved fruitful results and won widespread praise from the society.

According to the needs of parents and the interests of students, new East and West will open more courses, choose the best, bring the best to our children, and benefit our parents.

Architectural Structure

K-G12 for

non-Chinese heritage students

K-G12 for

Chinese heritage students

AP Chinese

After School

Adult Chinese

Travel Chinese

Conversational Chinese

Chinese Culture