K-G12 for non-Chinese heritage students

About the use teaching materials.
We have selected the most suitable textbook for children without Chinese foundation to learn Chinese. The difficulty of this textbook is gradual, the teaching content is arranged according to the topic, volume 1-8 is spirally rising, the topic is constantly repeated, the difficulty is gradually deepened, the topic involves campus and daily life, which is conducive to students' campus and daily life, and the use of language outside the campus, And integrate Chinese language and culture into daily life.
Textbook features:
1. Pay equal attention to listening and speaking, and supplement literacy
In the design of curriculum and teaching materials, it emphasizes the cultivation of listening and speaking ability, the auxiliary function of literacy and writing Chinese characters.
2. Adopt communicative approach
Develop language communication skills through various forms of practice, especially classroom activities
3. Fully consider the characteristics of children's foreign language learning
According to the lively and curious characteristics of primary school students, direct teaching is adopted to cultivate the interest of Chinese learning through listening, speaking, reading, writing, singing, painting, manual work, games and other ways

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