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Intermediate Mix Programming 

Equip your kids with the necessary digital skills as they step into an increasingly digitized adulthood. This course will cover algorithmic thinking and programming, such as different starting events, commands, variables, logic operators, and mathematical operations.

All this will be done in Scoolcode's visual environment, where they will initially practice visual programming, using Blox mode while seeing this text-based code language (Mix mode). Blox mode visualizes programming elements via colorful digital blocks, making initial concepts easier to understand.


By learning how to code, you can make sure that your children are ready for the 21st century! 

For more information about this course and student enrollment contact us here!

Course Details

  • Ages: 12 - 13

  • Grades: 7th - 8th

  • Seats: 6

  • Prerequisites: none

  • Classroom: In-person

  • Requirements: None

  • Course: 171

  • Length: 15 Lessons

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