Winter Camp

Time: November to January

Teaching content:

Chinese class + Interest Club + indoor sports activity + optional talent class.

Specific introduction:

1. Chinese Course

Idiom stories, the most beautiful Chinese fairy tales, classic historical stories and famous appreciation recitations will bring your children to experience the long history of Chinese culture and the profound Chinese culture.

2. Interest Club

Children will choose their favorite magic cube, painting free creation, desktop game, Lego world, story house and other interest clubs according to their own preferences, and feel happy and gain knowledge with their partners.

3. Indoor and outdoor sports activities

Every day at least two hours of indoor and outdoor sports activities, not only to learn all kinds of sports skills is a good opportunity to strengthen the body.

4. Optional talent course

Holiday Season Special!

Free registration fee $50,

Free test fee  $75,

before1 / 5 / 2021 

Interested in teaching and tutoring Chinese, Math, English, Art, Dance, Drama, Chess, Robot, Programing, Singing? Please send resume to info@NewEastWestEdu.Com

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