Chinese, mathematics, English tutoring; Christmas, New Year Festival theme art crafts, under our Christmas tree with Santa Claus as a souvenir and receive small gifts; chess, Rubik's cube, Lego, desktop intelligence games; music rhythm, LED large screen movies; indoor and outdoor sports activities: table tennis, football, parachute, rope skipping, tug of war, fitness exercises, etc.

1 Chinese Course
Idiom stories, the most beautiful Chinese fairy tales, classic historical stories, and famous appreciation and recitation let your children appreciate the long history and profound Chinese culture of Chinese culture.

2 mathematics English Tutoring
With the help of concentrated time, the intelligent learning system can help students fill in the loopholes in school efficiently, lay a solid foundation for future study, and steadily improve with the help of exclusive teachers.

3 interest Club
Children will choose their favorite interest clubs such as Rubik's cube, free drawing, desktop games, Lego world, story house, and other interest clubs according to their own preferences, so as to enjoy happiness and acquire knowledge with their peers.

4Music rhythm, LED large screen movie appreciation

5 indoor and outdoor sports activities
Every day at least two hours of indoor and outdoor sports activities, not only to learn a variety of sports skills but also a good opportunity to strengthen the body. Specific content: table tennis, football, parachute, rope skipping, tug of war, aerobics, etc.

6 Christmas Special
A Christmas and new year's festival theme art crafts, Christmas and Santa Claus under the Christmas tree for souvenirs and small gifts

Interested in teaching and tutoring Chinese, Math, English, Art, Dance, Yoga, ,Zumba, Chess, Robot, Programing, Singing? Please send resume to  NewEastWestEdu@Gmail.Com

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