Time: December

Teaching content: Chinese class + Interest Club + indoor sports activity + optional talent class

1 Chinese Course

Idiom stories, Chinese fairy tales, classic historical stories.

Children will experience the profound Chinese culture.

2 Math English Tutoring

With the help of concentrated time, the intelligent learning system can help students fill in the loopholes in school efficiently, lay a solid foundation for future study, and steadily improve with exclusive teachers' help.

3 Interest ClubChildren will choose their favorite: magic cube, painting,  Lego world, story house, and other interest clubs, have fun and gain knowledge with their partners.

4 Music rhythm, LED large screen movie appreciation

5 Indoor and outdoor sports activities

At least two hours of indoor and outdoor sports activities every day, learn all kinds of sports skills and strengthen the body.

6 Christmas Special
Christmas and new year's festival theme art crafts, Christmas and Santa Claus under the Christmas tree for souvenirs and small gifts.