Is New East West Academy new in Las Vegas?

Founded in 2018, new East West Learning Center is the first school in Las Vegas to teach simplified Chinese Mandarin and Pinyin. Looking back on the past few years of New East West, it has developed from only 20 students renting school buildings to having its own independent campus and there are hundreds of students in the school now.


What classes do you have?

Common Core and AI based English and Math tutoring for K-12, Writing, Public Speaking, Debating, Chinese Mandarin, Art, Dance, Chess, Yoga, Zumba, and more to come. 


What is Affcicient Math and English?

Afficient Academy offers self-paced, computerized, AI and Common Core based Math and English programs that help students learn efficiently. 

How can Afficient help my child(ren)?

Afficient students fill in skill-gaps from lower grades, catch up to their own grade level, and solidify their foundation within an average of 3 months. 

What are the main advantages of afficient Math?

  • Instant feedback on student’s work, no need to wait for worksheets to be graded manually

  • A unique flow to ensure excellent outcome through extensive optimization

  • Constant grade level score availability, students know how far they are from reaching their grade level goals

  • Customized weekly assignments

  • Real-time updates on the execution of weekly assignments

  • Supervised and monitored by learning center teachers

  • Prompt communication with parents on student’s progress

  • Aligned with common-core standards

Main Advantages of Afficient English

  • Online, hence can be accessed from anywhere and anytime

  • Instant feedback on student’s work, no need to wait for it to be graded manually

  • A unique methodology, workflow to ensure self-learning & excellent outcome through extensive optimization

  • Constant grade level score availability, students know how far they are from their goals

  • Customized weekly assignments

  • Real-time updates on the execution of weekly assignments

  • Supervised and monitored by learning center teachers. Remote students receive assistance by their advisor assigned to them

  • Prompt communication with parents on student’s progress




Do you have Summer camp?​

 Yes, we have Summer camp, Spring camp and Winter camp 



 Do all the teachers have credentials?

All the teachers in the new East West Learning Center are graduated from Eastern or Western universities who have been engaged in primary and secondary school teaching for many years. It can be said that they have rich teaching experience and strong ability to manage the classroom.  

There is only one Chinese class a week. How can I coach my children when I get home?

The new East West Learning Center is the first Chinese School in Vegas to use online listening, speaking, reading and writing fun homework. Every week after Chinese class, teachers will assign homework for this week. Generally speaking, the amount of homework is about half an hour a day when students are focused. During the period of intensive word recognition in grades 1-3, all new words of the week are required to be read every day. In the first grade, students are specially allowed to read all the new words of this week in various forms: refer to reading the text, reading the words after reading the text, reading the new words cards, rearrange the text blocks, etc. Students in grade 2-3 continue to review the new words of the week by using the new words card, and repeat what they have learned many times by reading appropriately. This memory arrangement conforms to the memory law, and can guarantee to achieve the design goal of the textbook - 1035 Chinese characters in three years. The pre-school textbook is equipped with CD to improve students' interest in doing homework. Each grade's exercise books and online matching exercises are enough for your children to take in what they need. They are not only rich and interesting, but also do not need to take up a large period of time, so as to avoid the boredom caused by heavy schoolwork.


In addition to Chinese classes and assignments, how can I improve my children's Chinese ability!

Chinese Americans have no linguistic advantage or talent for learning Chinese. If there is an advantage, it depends on whether its family background and social environment provide an environment for learning Chinese. Talent depends on one's language expertise. Parents should give their children more Chinese input in their daily life, at least in listening and speaking, to clear up the obstacles for overseas children to learn Chinese. Now, the audio broadcasting can help parents to solve the problem of no time and no energy. After accumulating some literacy, the appropriate reading materials can help Chinese Learning. In a word, learning Chinese is good, learning Chinese is good If you want to learn other knowledge, it's right to believe that "a lot of hard work, a lot of harvest". Don't judge whose children are good at Chinese. First say what parents have done for their children.

 Is there a conflict between learning Chinese and speaking English?

Some parents think that since they want their children to learn Chinese, they can't allow them to speak English at home, so once they speak English at home, they will be reprimanded. Some parents think that they have done their duty to send their children to Chinese school anyway. They don't have any encouragement and requirements for their children at home. As a result, they don't even have the desire and motivation to use Chinese at home. There are also some parents whose English level is limited. Although they can barely communicate with their children in English at ordinary times, they have to be angry with their children in Chinese when they encounter their children's mistakes.

Learning Chinese does not mean abandoning children's English. On the contrary, bilingual children should be more sensitive to English and master it better. Our children are destined to become bilingual and dual-cultural people; to love children, we need to understand all of them, including his need and love for English, including his parallel (or combined with Chinese) English thinking and expression. Language is closely related to people's self-consciousness. Rejecting a person's language is like rejecting the person himself. Children should be encouraged to speak Chinese, but not forced. The original intention of asking children to learn Chinese is to better communicate with children, but if it hurts the feelings between parents and children because it forces them to speak Chinese, isn't it a chicken fight?

Language is not only cognitive, but also emotional and social. It's no surprise that children can't learn Chinese well without the support of their families and the contact with Chinese outside the two-hour Chinese class every week. Besides, without the desire to use Chinese, learning in Chinese school has become a burden. Many children are resistant to learning Chinese. What's more, if parents also intentionally or unintentionally associate Chinese with negative emotional expressions, then we can't blame our children for their unwillingness to learn Chinese.

Interested in teaching and tutoring Chinese, Math, English, Art, Dance, Yoga, ,Zumba, Chess, Robot, Programing, Singing? Please send resume to  NewEastWestEdu@Gmail.Com

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