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                        How to improve Chinese conversation ability?

When learning Chinese, we should learn four aspects of "listening, speaking, reading and writing". Among them, "say" is the most difficult but also the most critical point.
The purpose of learning Chinese for foreigners is to communicate, so, regardless of the needs of examinations, if a foreigner has the ability to speak, many Chinese will think that his Chinese level is very high.
So, how to improve the conversational ability?
In the initial stage of learning Chinese, mastering the basic greetings and simple daily expressions can simply have a dialogue with the Chinese people. But in the middle and high-level stage, what is needed is to be able to express their ideas more accurately, and to connect with the Chinese words fluently.
To achieve the above requirements, we need to achieve the following "three Mastery":
1. Master the pronunciation
If you are eager to practice speaking before you have mastered your pronunciation, it is likely to cause communication difficulties. And bad pronunciation may follow you all the time. Therefore, we must pronounce our own pronunciation well before a lot of conversation practice. European and American people should pay special attention to this, because they generally dare to say, but the pronunciation is really not flattering!
2、 Master basic grammar
This is basically the same reason as the previous point. Every language has its own grammar. Grammar is a tool to regulate the language. If you talk when you don't have a good command of grammar, it will not only affect your future learning, but also affect your expression. The Japanese should pay attention to this point. Although there are many Chinese characters in Japanese and some of their pronunciation is similar, they have a strong sense of self-esteem and are afraid of saying something wrong. Therefore, they should master the grammar well, and naturally they are not afraid of saying something wrong!
3、 Mastering certain listening skills
Sometimes, you don't need to be able to understand 100% of what the other party says, but at least you need to understand 60%. The rest of the content can basically be guessed. In addition, being able to understand means that you have a deep memory of those words and grammar. Then you can imitate each other's words and use the words and grammar you have understood to talk with other people, which can improve your conversational ability faster.
There is a gap between the conversational ability and the level of learning. When many foreigners have learned the intermediate level, they can start to talk about the primary conversation; when they have learned the advanced level, they can say the intermediate conversation content. Because "speaking" needs to be accumulated, it is not necessary for foreigners to have a conversation in a hurry. The conversation ability needs to be improved slowly.

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