Dance Class
Oriental dance, modern dance, tap dance, jazz dance,  hiphop dance, and modeling for kids and adults are taught by professional dance and model teachers at the specious dance studio at New East West Academy. 
What are the benefits of learning dance models? What are the characteristics of new East West dance model class?

First of all, learning models can correct bad posture and make people look more upright and more temperament. As an old saying goes, "there are standing faces and sitting faces.". The comprehensive training of music, gait, physique, dance and performance practice not only improves children's music perception ability, physical coordination ability, performance ability and aesthetic ability, but also enhances their self-confidence and temperament, as well as rich stage experience.

New East West dance model class has a spacious dance classroom, professional dance model teachers, diversified and unique curriculum, students from k-adults, to provide you with a stage to show yourself.