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Digital Discovery Basic

Like most kids, your child will also grow up with a smart phone or tablet in hand, either in the home environment or outside of it.

Equip your kids with the tools and critical thinking skills that can help them navigate an increasingly digitized future. This course will cover the basics of algorithmic thinking and programming, digital content creation, as well as internet use and safety.

It will also introduce kids to computer hardware, digital devices, and robotics. With us, your kids can enjoy the path to digital literacy, learning essential skills in a playful manner!

For more information about this course and student enrollment contact us here! 

Course Details

  • Ages: 7 - 8

  • Grades: 2nd - 3rd

  • Seats: 6

  • Prerequisites: none

  • Classroom: In-person

  • Requirements: None

  • Course: 111

  • Length: 15 Lesson

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