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Junior Designer

Have you ever wanted to visit outer space? What about Antarctica? Well, you can with our junior designer camp! Move no further than your seat as you photoshop yourself into your dream destinations!


Are your kids interested in what makes for good graphic design? Would they like to make an amazing website for themselves and experience photoshopping? 


During the camp, in partnership with Logiscool, kids can try out all these things and also start building their own brand: we will help them design their own logo, and what's more, they will be able to show their weekly T-shirts, promotional graphics and other works to the world on their super cool website!

Check out more information here and sign up quickly as class size is limited! 

Camp Details

  • Ages: 10-13

  • Grades: 4th - 6th

  • Seats: 8

  • Prerequisites: none

  • Classroom: In-person

  • Requirements: None