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Teaching content

Chinese class + immersion Chinese themed activities + indoor sports activity + optional talent class
Specific introduction
  • Chinese Course
Speed up learning Chinese class: close to three months of summer camp is the prime time for children to improve their Chinese. We will integrate the essence of textbooks into weekend lessons and quickly improve the children's Chinese levels. After fifty days of study, children will catch up with their partners in the weekend class before coming to the next semester. Their literacy and reading ability will be greatly enhanced. Suitable for children who have lost the best Chinese learning age and want to improve quickly.
Chinese introductory course: for children who have no Chinese foundation or are young, let them establish a sense of the Chinese language through songs and stories.
  • Immersive Chinese theme activity.
Immersive Chinese theme activities with 10 themes and 50 contents will let children immerse themselves in the Chinese language environment.
  • Indoor and outdoor sports activities 
Every day at least two hours of indoor and outdoor sports activities, learn all kinds of sports skills and  strengthen the body.       
  • Optional talent course
We have selected the most favorite talent courses for children to develop their interests, learning skills and explore their potential during the summer vacation.