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Welcome to New East West Academy's Summer Camp Program!

We are excited to offer a variety of enriching and engaging summer camps for children of all ages. Our experienced and passionate instructors are committed to creating a positive and engaging experience for all of our campers.

Math & English Camp

Our Math & English camps, provided by Afficient, helps students build a strong foundation in mathematics through problem-solving activities and interactive lessons that challenge and inspire.
Our English program fosters reading, writing, and speaking skills through exciting and interactive lessons, designed to improve language proficiency and confidence.

Chinese Camp

Our Chinese language camp provides an immersive and fun experience for students to learn Mandarin through games, activities, and cultural exploration.

Art Camp

Our Art camp allows children to express themselves creatively while developing their artistic skills through painting, drawing, and crafting.

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Coding Camps

Our Coding camp teaches children valuable computer programming skills through fun and interactive activities that engage them in the world of technology, provided by Logiscool.

Chess Camp

Our Chess camp provides an excellent opportunity for children to develop critical thinking and strategy skills through this classic game.

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