Zumba is a healthy and fashionable fitness course, which combines music with dynamic and easy to learn movements and intermittent aerobic exercise. Zumba is a way of fitness evolved from dance, which combines samba, Chacha, salsa, reggae, flamenco, tango and other South American dance forms. The word "Zumba" originated from Colombian slang, meaning "fast motion". A 60 minute Zumba fitness class in the new East and West is divided into several stages with different rhythmic intensity. Even people without any dance foundation can enjoy relaxation and fun.

The intensity arrangement of our courses follows the law of weak strong weak relaxation. Different zunba courses change the rhythm of movement through the change of pace, that is, warm up with a slow pace of dance, and then change into another distinctive and faster pace of dance after the warm-up, and gradually increase the intensity to speed up the heart rate.

What is Zumba? The benefits of learning from Zumba? What are the characteristics of zunba class in the new East and West?

Zumba is a fitness sport, which includes salsa and Latin dance. Sports also include aerobics dancing, so it looks like sports when dancing. Various dance movements such as Cha Cha, salsa, tango and flamenco are accompanied by music, which is an exciting and healthy sport. You can burn calories in Zumba class and let every part of your body participate in sports. The vigorous music rhythm makes Zumba an interesting sport. The most important thing is that today's society is full of challenges and pressure. Zumba can prevent pressure and improve mood, because it's time to practice Zumba with enthusiastic music. If you are under pressure, it's time to practice Zumba You will realize that music will make you feel better. Therefore, apart from health, Zumba can also have a positive impact on those who are under pressure. New East West zunba class has professional zunba coach, spacious classroom and comfortable environment.

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